My way, is THE way


A hero of sorts from the get go, seeing only his path when bestowed upon a great quest to discover a mysterious book in the library of maliber by Avelane and return it to her, after obtaining this book he then vowed to return is at soon as possible to Avelane but was somewhat hindered when he was trapped in the library and sought companionship with the others also trapped, threatened in the night he shrugged this off and went along his path with the others also fleeing the city after receiving the same threats.

during a riot in silvercoast he attempted to aid the guards in thwarting a lone drow who was currently under care of Alymond Truebrook.

after the group were shipwrecked upon a beach near iborea Castiel seemed distant and wanted to perhaps aid Avelane by trying to find out more about the book he had obtained, upon questioning Graminea Malkovich as to the books magical property’s the questions were easily answered by her ultimate demise in mind and visible ruptured blood vessels the book bestowed upon her when attempting to detect this. this however did not stave his curiosity of the books properties and promptly got him into sticky situations from the books “defenses”

after traveling further, closing in on his home town dryth and back to Avelane, he struck out on his own in hope of closing more distance between him and his quest, was stopped in his tracks by some assassins who sought to obtain the information he and the group he was traveling with had.

all that remained was his lone corpse and an ornate dagger now in the possession of Graminea Malkovich


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