Briannan Duskwalker

"Thank you. I am aware I have a woman's name."


Briannan Duskwalker is an elven man who was first encountered in Sigil, attempting to sell the skin of a rather large creature that he claimed to have slain. Notable in the fact that he did so without skinning the animal first, instead pushing the entire creature into the store.

He was later encountered again, as he was one of the people question by The Lady of Pain’s servants with regards to a theft, alongside Khazmin Pyrrhus and Surosar. He talked about his creature hunting, turning out that he belongs to a guild of planar creature hunters in Sigil. Sought out once again as he had a vital piece of the puzzle in solving what was stolen from The Lady of Pain. Seemed very keen to take the other elves in the Party on a hunting expedition, suggesting perhaps a hydra, but was declined. Likely now never to get that wish.


Briannan Duskwalker

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