12 foot tall, black winged, dark red skin and wreathed in flame, a Balor is a terrifying sight to behold, and is an incredibly strong adversary. A Balor is a demonic general, commanding entire armies of demons beneath it, answering only to the very highest of demon lords.


Demons are usually hard to fight, but weak in realms that aren’t their own. Not so this Balor, however. When it appeared from seemingly inside Graminea Malkovich out of nowhere, its power was clearly not diminished from being on the Material Plane. The event caused Graminea to be knocked unconscious, regaining consciousness only to find herself without memories.

The Balor wasted no time in returning to portals between the Material Plane and The Abyss, setting loose into the world hordes of demon invaders, who laid waste to everything before them, burning, killing, corrupting, and sealing the souls of those who dared oppose them.

Without Graminea’s memories, and with her companion slain in the process, it is hard to guess at what exactly happened that day. With the journeys the party took to and from The Abyss, it’s hard to tell when, and what, happened to cause the dominoes to fall to this conclusion. Regardless, the demonic forces needed to be dealt with swifty, and the party quickly sealed off as many portals as possible that they knew of, buring them beneath metal and stone. The demon hordes were staved, but by no means defeated, but since then there has been no sign of the Balor that suffers not on the Material Plane.

It is not know what the Balor’s plan is, if there even is a plan, and while the party has successfully delayed and slowed the demon invasion for a time, the problem has by no means been fixed.


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