The Head of Heironeous


Race: Human


Head of The Church of Heironeous, Avelane bestowed the responsibility unto Sahalquiel to find out and report back on any information gained about the relics and the book Castiel was told to return to her.

Showed up in The Underdark on a mission to find out and put a stop to Drow activity that they suspected to be very dangerous, having connected the Drow to the sinkholes that appeared across the continents. Alongside Dorgan and Lona, who appeared to be acting as mercenaries now, they met up with the party after their encounter with Lich. Together they shared information, and departed from The Underdark, firm in the belief that the threat of the Lich had been nullified.

She followed the party back to Sigil and, upon returning to her churhc in her home city of Dryth, took Sahalquiel with her as he expressed desire to return too.


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