The Betrayed


Race: Human

A muscular and armoured man whose face was hidden by helm. The brief views of his face showed a man who has seen a lot, done a lot, and just wants to rest.


One of The Heroes of Godspike, Asoria was seen battling against Erevan Silverton in Maliber amidst claims of him having betrayed the group.

Sahalquiel was witness to his death by Erevan, having suffered few wounds but claimed that Erevan’s use of poisoned blades would be his death. He died within the library, unable to get medical assistance.

He was later discovered as having not actually perished by this duel, instead being banished to some extraplanar realm within a book and forced to fight a powerful deamon. When the contents of the book were released, swift action by some members of the party allowed him to survive his loss to the deamon.

He seemed particularly affected by the news of the death of Faenya and as such parted ways to both visit her grave and attempt to contact Ilesere, while vowing the party that he would return to their aid and help against Erevan.

Asoria was true to his word, and returned to their aid to fight against the demon invasion at Cliffport. Beforehand he informed the party of Ilesere, that she was a member of The Black Cult of Ahm, a guild of demon haters who weren’t afraid to get close if need be, a guild that was obliterated recently by The Lady of Pain. Asoria was petrified to stone against the gigantic demon at Cliffport, and has since been collected by Ilesere to be put right again.


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