Race: Elven

An average height but well toned muscular elf, Ash often has a look of bafflement and confusion about himself.


Member number 10 of “The Calendar”

An elf who wrongly recruited Castiel, Graminea Malkovich and Adrian into “The Calendar”, talking of protecting the innocent and preventing conflict. Most can not tell but the rings he handed to these new recruits are fakes.
However Graminea Malkovich’s ring has been able to get her out of some sticky situations.

Explained to the group that he is one of the last of an order of monks called “The Balanced Way”, and order that seeks to enact perfect neutrality by whatever means necessary. As a result of this training he claims to have the ability to detach specific limbs through necromantic means.

Currently hold two of the powers granted by Corellon Larethian, one from Krein and one from having killed Alymond Truebrook while in Arborea.

Recently has informed the party of his splinter group within “The Calendar”, and told them everything he knew about the 12 members.


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