Argyll Falconwrist Sorilae


A gnome who is always either writing, or discussing his writings, so busy doing so that he doesn’t even have that many names.


Argylle is a gnome who the party encountered in The Mechanus, collating information in the temple of the Time Monks. He seemed very keen on getting all the information about the party he possible could, writing it all down fervently.

After the Time Monks departed the temple, for fear of putting the public in danger, Argylle was put in charge or the remaining sections of the temple. The party talked to him and he revealed that he is collection as much information as he can about everything, in order to see how everything connects to everything else, being firm in the belief that it does. He has so much information it’s almost impossible to walk in his study in the temple, and he claims this is just one of many stores of information. He gave the party a clue as to where the Sinkers were, and followed them all the way to the base of The Spire in The Outlands.

While he does have a great deal of information about a great deal of things, it is sometimes hard to draw any sort of useful conclusion from. For example, he has noticed a pattern of human mothers whose names begin with G naming a daughter with a name that begins with K. Much use, very info.

Graminea Malkovich asked him for information on her father Johndalar Malkovich, which he found (after several days) and delivered.

Argyll Falconwrist Sorilae

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