"May Corellon Larethian smile upon you."


Cleric of Heironeous


Adrian is an elven cleric belonging to The Church of Corellon Larethian. He is middle-aged and lives with his wife in Silvercoast, thus belonging to Father Mylor’s sect of the church.

Adrian began to have visions about Corellon Larethian in his middle age. Visions that were confusing and difficult to interpret. Under instruction from his temple and Father Mylor, he set out to Maliber and the great library there in order to research and perhaps understand what it was these visions were. Their meaning, their purpose, and any reason as to why him.

It was in this great library that he encountered the struggle and argument between Asoria and Erevan Silverton. Along with Graminea Malkovich, Sahalquiel, Alymond Truebrook and Castiel, he was hunted down by Erevan and thus fled with these people back to Silvercoast, under guidance that they might be safer there.

While in Silvercoast he consulted with Father Mylor about the information they obtained, as it was clearly relevant to Corellon Larethian. Father Mylor indicated that he should strive out and seek what he believed to be relics of Corellon Larethian, bringing them back to the temple where they rightfully belonged. He suggested seeking out an old cartographer friend of his in the mountains on the continent of Vappor. Adrian accepted this and, once again bidding farewell to his wife, set out with the group in search of the relics. Through his divine connection with Corellon Larethian and his beliefs, he aided the group when times were difficult, when guidance was needed, and when the gifts of the gods that he was granted needed to be used.

Upon reaching the village of Luberia, Adrian showed the first signs that his compassion towards things may be too extensive, as he let one of the Mindflayers go from his capture, instead of smiting it down.

His compassion also caused problems in the city of Scylla, where he attempted to feed and aid the hungry and poor of the city in exchange for a boat. Word of his great deeds got out, and soon the entirity of the city was demanding his favour and his skills, a feat which even he could not do, and a riot ensued.

Upon reaching the cartographer Elnix, Adrian was shown the truth about Father Mylor, that he was a zealot who would hurt innocents in order to get what he wanted. Elnix showed him a face in the wall of his cave, the person that was once his wife. Upon finding this out, Adrian feared for his own wife back in Silvercoast, and departed the next day on the wings of a giant eagle who owed Elnix a favour. He took with his false information about the relics, such to delay Father Mylor even further in his quest.


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